Toscana Shearling Throughout the Coat

Toscana Shearling Throughout

Full Length and Fabulous cg

Full Length and Fabulous

Full Length Sheepskin Coat

Full Length Sheepskin Coat

Cuffed Hooded Toscana Shearling Coat

Cuffed Hooded Toscana Shearling Coat

Coat in Black on Black

Coat in Black on Black

Stunning Full Length Shearling Coat in Black on Black

Stunning Full Length Shearling Coat in Black on Black

September 2018      


I try to keep a small selection of coats and jackets as examples of my work but most of these will only be for sale to visiting customers. Most coats and jackets will now be made to order. Coats and jackets made to order are not refundable so you must be able to visit my studio to try for size before placing your order. Each order is treated individually so please call me on 07899875525 if you would like to discuss the possibility of a provisional order. I make only a limited number of coats each year during the spring and summer but will not be taking any more new orders this year as I am still working on a major  update to Designerleathercraft to make the site mobile friendly and to add a shopping cart..

Fabulous New Shape for the Toscana Shearling Coats & Jackets

See the New Toscana Shearling Coats Gallery


My new design for the toscana coats and jackets is proving to be very popular. Essentially the same classic design but with some changes to make the coat a more flattering and comfortable shape with a larger collar and the option to order with a large hood. Gorgeous!! The jackets page and most of the coat pages are now updated with pictures of the new coat design.

Sadly since introducing my new design the price of toscana shearling has risen sharply. The price rise is partly due to the popularity of toscana and indeed all sheepskin goodies pushing up the price of the raw materials

I am revising the guide price for orders and will publish these when I start to take orders again.


Full Length Coat with Collar 54-55 inches from

Full Length Coat with Hood 54-55 inches from

Calf Length Coat with Collar 46-47 inches from

Calf Length Coat with Hood 46-47 inches from

Knee Length Coat with Collar 38-40 inches from

Knee Length Coat with Hood 38-40 inches from

Short Coat with Collar 30 inch from

Short Coat with Hood 30 inch from

Jacket with Collar 25 inch from

Jacket with Hood 25 inch from


Pics of the Hooded Toscana Shearling Coat

Going Mobile Friendly

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